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Reset Lifetimer of your Nokia Device

Nokia Lifetimer is a counter that keeps track of the Total call time of your phone. It will show how much the phone has been used, and it’s the best thing to check if you’re planning to buy a used Nokia Mobile or when you plan to sell your’s at a higher price :p

To see the Total Call Time or the Lifetimer counter, On the standby screen type the following code *#92702689# (Easy way to remember this is – *#war0anty#). And it will pop up a message that shows the lifetimer in hours and minutes.

Here is a detailed procedure to make this lifetimer zero.


The following files are required to reset the lifetime:

  1. Nemesis service suite link: Download from Here
  2. Nokia Connectivity cable driver link: Download Here (This version of Nokia Connectivity is necessary if you are using latest PC suite)
  3. Lifetimer.pm file: See the download link down this post.


1. Download and Extract the Lifetimer.pm file,  and Download Nemesis Service Suite.

2. Install Nemesis Service Suite on your Computer, It won’t take much time.

3. Install Nokia Cable Drivers (No need to install, if you have Nokia PC Suite already installed)

4. Connect The Phone in “PC Suite” Mode to the PC

5. Open Nemesis Service Software

6. Click on “Scan for new Device” Button on Top right Corner

7.  It Will take a few seconds to scan, and it will load up the software interface after communicating with the Phone.

8. Click the “Phone Info” Button.

9. On the Bottom left, Select  and open the “Permanent Memory” Tab, which is next to the Fbus info.

10. Click the “Write” button on Below right, and open the Extracted Lifetimer.pm file on your PC.

11. After the Lifetimer.pm file is opened , it will immediately start writing it to the Phone’s EEPROM Area.

12. The Procedure will end when the progress bar reaches 20%. This is normal , and on the bottom right side, it will display its down.

13. Unplug the Phone, and Restart it.

14. After boot up, Check the Lifetimer .

Download: Lifetimer.zip

  1. bunty
    August 15, 2010 at 12:05 pm

    i m abt 2 purchase a used phone…does the lifetimer can be made Zero by duing any software updtae or any oder thecqnies

    • August 15, 2010 at 9:18 pm

      Yes its possible on any Nokia and other major phone’s and I have mentioned the steps on how to do it in my post. You please let me know which phone are you planning to buy so that I can guide you further.

  2. kutti
    November 28, 2011 at 11:22 am

    i am using 5235, i try to same method, but i here showing error message, what can i do, plz help me….

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